SIAN goes Asia

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Sian will play in Beijing on the 31st of May at FOOTPRINT

has marked its footprint in Beijing for a year and a half now in famous nightclub Lantern. Lantern is owned and run by China’s finest electronic music record label – Acupuncture Records.
Sian is joined by Malaysian Terence C (an ex-Zouk resident), and some local DJs for a straight clubbing night.

Sian takes his label night Extended Play to Bangkok.
His debut in Bangkok is on 1st of June 2013 in GLOW nightclub.

Click for Sian’s interview with Siam2nite about his debut in Bangkok, his album, DJ career and many more stuff.

“Octave Productions intensely focused on creating high standards for your nocturnal needs, bring you Extended Play.

EP- is set to invite top labels in the industry to host some of the most extraordinary international names, while also creating a platform to showcase the rising stars in the business to get their music out and introduce diversity to the clubbing society of Bangkok.” © EP

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